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No. 4: 10, 9, 9, 6

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Fabric Files! If you're new here, here are a few notes to help you get your bearings:

  • A new edition of The Fabric Files launches every two weeks. Make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter so you never miss an edition! 
  • The title of each edition includes the number of fabrics that are in each of the "bundles" contained within that edition. In this edition, you'll find a 10 fabric, two 9 fabric, and a 6 fabric combination. Choose all of the fabrics or just a few to meet your project's needs.
  • Clicking on the name of each fabric will take you to the yardage listing in the shop to purchase.

Enjoy all the pretty fabric!

10 Fabrics: Liberty Summer

This one is for my Liberty fabric lovers! This bundle features Liberty florals in bright and summery hues. 

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Emily Belle - Tangerine
  2. Kona - Ice Peach
  3. AGF Pure Solids - Mandarin
  4. Piccadilly Poppy
  5. Kona - Ballet Slipper
  6. Emily Belle - Bright Pink
  7. AGF Pure Solids - Raspberry Rose
  8. Bloomsbury Silhouette
  9. AGF Pure Solids - Parisian Blue
  10. Kona - Navy 

9 Fabrics: Modern Americana

A modern spin on the classic red, white, and blue combination.

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Vintage Blossom - Blue Metallic
  2. Kona - Spice
  3. Kona - Cinnamon
  4. Stitch and Repeat - Mint
  5. Freckles - Midnight Metallic
  6. Anemones - Powder Blue
  7. Sprinkle - Seltzer Unbleached
  8. Wildwood - Red Metallic
  9. AGF Pure Solids - Terracotta Tile

9 Fabrics: Butterfly Garden

I just cannot stop combining peach and aqua! I think it will always be one of my go-to combinations. The pops of yellow here add a little sunshine!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

6 Fabrics: Opulence

Mix burnt oranges (my favorite!) with neutrals and rich purples to get this rich and dreamy combination!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

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