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No. 3: 18, 10, 9, 6, 15, 6

Welcome to the third edition of The Fabric Files! This is my favorite edition yet! It's full of bright and bold colors, geometric prints, and just the right amount of whimsy!

Remember, these fabric pulls are here for you to pick and choose what you need; there is no obligation to purchase all of the fabrics in a combination! Click the names of the fabric and you'll be taken right to the shop listing. 

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18 Fabrics: Bright Teal

I asked for suggestions for this edition and I was given a challenge: 18 different fabrics, no pink. Well, here it is! There is no pink to be found in this bundle!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Sprinkle - Seltzer Unbleached
  2. Irregularity - Jade
  3. Dotted Impression
  4. Freckles - Breeze Metallic
  5. AGF Pure Solids - Honeydew
  6. Prisma - Jet Onyx
  7. AGF Pure Solids Crystalline
  8. Mindful Paths
  9. Confetti Cottons - Storm
  10. Everlasting Imprint
  11. Always Look for Rainbows - Citrona
  12. Terrazzo - Apatite
  13. Carved Notches - Steel
  14. Freckles - Licorice
  15. Kona - Sky
  16. Mishmesh - Ice Box
  17. Confetti Cottons - Stargazer
  18. AGF Pure Solids - Deep Black

10 Fabrics: Desert Warmth

I lived in the desert for a few years and this bundle reminds me of open spaces, sunsets, warm sand, and starlit skies.

Fabrics Included (Top to Bottom):

  1. Free As a Bird - Dream I Can Fly
  2. Hills - Glowing Umber
  3. Freckles - Acorn
  4. Adele - Mustard
  5. Stitch and Repeat - Mint
  6. Wild Horses - Badlands
  7. AGF Pure Solids - Terracotta Tile
  8. Hermione - Mustard
  9. Menagerie - Champagne Navy Metallic
  10. AGF Pure Solids - Golden Bronze

9 Fabrics: Geometric Blue

Another customer challenge: blues and no flowers. I think these geometric prints and solids nailed it!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Square Up - Electric
  2. Freckles - Sandcastle
  3. Kona - Cloud
  4. Kona - Cornflower
  5. Freckles - Starboard
  6. Kona - Sky
  7. Kona - Slate
  8. Netorious - Velvet Sky
  9. Haze - Summer Blue

6 Fabrics: Pink Dino

I just love a little whimsy in a bundle and these pink dinosaurs are the perfect touch!

  1. Kona - Shell
  2. Kona - Sassy Pink
  3. Happy Dina - Blushing
  4. Freckles - Flamingo
  5. Freckles - Royal Flush Metallic
  6. Kona - Bellini

Bonus Combination: 15 Fabrics 

 Combine Geometric Blue and Pink Dino for this awesome combination! Don't need 15 fabrics, but love the blue and pink combination? You can pick and choose the fabrics you like best - they all go together!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Kona - Shell
  2. Kona - Sassy Pink
  3. Happy Dina - Blushing
  4. Freckles - Flamingo
  5. Freckles - Royal Flush Metallic
  6. Kona - Bellini
  7. Square Up - Electric
  8. Freckles - Sandcastle
  9. Kona - Cloud
  10. Kona - Cornflower
  11. Freckles - Starboard
  12. Kona - Sky
  13. Kona - Slate
  14. Netorious - Velvet Sky
  15. Haze - Summer Blue

7 Fabrics: Ramona Pull

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've already seen this quilt! Since several people asked if this combination was going to be a quilt kit, I thought it would be a good idea to capture the fabrics here! It's even better to have the fabrics here than in a quilt kit. Why? If you love the fabrics, but don't want to make the Ramona quilt, you don't have to! 

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Wild Friends
  2. Always Look for Rainbows - Breathtaking
  3. Fly Along - Fog Unbleached
  4. Kitchen Window Wovens - Doeskin
  5. Bloomsbury Silhouette (Binding)
  6. Moment of Zen (Background)

That's a wrap on the third edition of The Fabric Files! Will you be making a quilt with any of these combinations? Is there something you would like to see in the next edition? Tell me in the comments!

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