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No. 2: 14, 10, 7, and 5

It's time for the second edition of The Fabric Files! Your love of the first edition has given me so much motivation to keep creating for you! So thank you!

Quick reminders:

  • These fabric pulls are here for you to use as you need! There's no obligation to buy all of the fabrics within each pull them! Choose all of the fabrics, a few, substitute, or add fabrics within any of the pulls to find your perfect combination.
  • Clicking on the name of each fabric will take you to the yardage listing in the shop.
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14 Fabrics: Autumn Flower

Fall is my favorite season, so there's never a wrong time for an autumn inspired bundle!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Kona - Sky
  2. Windblown - Hunter Green
  3. Kona - Hunter Green
  4. Freckles - Acorn
  5. Carved Notches - Copper
  6. Anemones - Powder Blue
  7. Painterly Stipes - Sky Blue
  8. Netorious - Camp Out
  9. Garden Party Vines - Linen
  10. Kantha - Mica
  11. Blooms - Umber
  12. Carved Notches - Steel
  13. Kona - Roasted Pecan
  14. Flower Child - Hunter Green

10 Fabrics: Vivid Fun

All I see when I look at this bundle is fun! If you're looking for a pull that will have some pop, this is the one for you! Using this pull for a sawtooth star quilt would be fabulous.

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Haze - Summer Blue
  2. Kona - Sea Glass
  3. Adeline - Pink Power
  4. AGF Pure Solids - Verve Violet
  5. Kona - Bellini
  6. Kona - Leather
  7. Rolling Hills - Dawn Pink Metallic
  8. Netorious - Velvet Sky
  9. Confetti Cottons - Stargazer
  10. Freckles - Smooch Unbleached

7 Fabrics: Unicorn Sparkle

When I opened my most recent box of Cotton + Steel basics, I thought one thing: unicorns! Rainbows, stars, and a little twinkle make this a magical combination!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Freckles - Breeze Metallic
  2. Always Look for Rainbows - Wild Heart
  3. Square Up - Lilac
  4. Stars - Cream Metallic
  5. Square Up - Emulsion
  6. Freckles - Flamingo
  7. Square Up - Electric

5 Fabrics: Twinkled Pink

Did you see the name? Sometimes I have puns. 

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Stitch and Repeat - Pink Glow Unbleached Neon
  2. Freckles - Royal Flush Metallic
  3. Stars - Black Metallic
  4. Moxie Floral - Neon Pink
  5. AGF Pure Solids - Raspberry Rose

Thanks for browsing, quilt friends! Which combination is your favorite? Is there something you'd like to see in the next edition? Tell me in the comments!


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