No. 1: 16, 12, 8, and 4

Hooray for the first edition of The Fabric Files! I am so, so excited for this new bundle adventure. A few notes:

  • There will be a new edition every two weeks, so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to see the announcements! 
  • The title of each edition includes the number of fabrics that are in each of the "bundles" contained within that edition. So in this edition, you'll find a 16 fabric, a 12 fabric, an 8 fabric, and a 4 fabric combination. The fun thing about this model is that if you need less than the number of fabrics in a bundle, you can pick and choose your favorites and know that they will all still go together!
  • Clicking on the name of each fabric will take you to the yardage listing in the shop to purchase.
Okay, I think that's it! Let's see the fabric!

16 Fabrics: Sunburst

 Stack of 16 bolts of fabric laid on their sides. Floral prints are combined with little rainbows and solids in bright oranges and greens with lavender, pink and peach accents.

This one has all of the retro summer vibes you could ever want!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Always Look for Rainbows - Sundance
  2. Kona - Sweet Pea
  3. Choose Happy - Tangerine
  4. Kona - Petal
  5. Posies - Dried Mustard
  6. Always Look for Rainbows - Good as Gold
  7. Confetti Cottons - Apricot Blush
  8. Stay Groovy Sunshine
  9. Always Look for Rainbows - Citrona
  10. AGF Pure Solids - Blushing
  11. Kona - Parsley
  12. Growing Paths
  13. AGF Pure Solids - Terracotta Tile
  14. Kona - Lilac
  15. Emily Belle - Tangerine
  16. Kona - Moss

You know I love to include a mix of prints and solids in my bundles, but if that's not your thing, you could choose just the 8 solids, or the 8 prints from this bundle! This is the great part about this new format: you can pick and choose the fabrics you actually want!

Eight bolts of fabric laid horizontally and stacked on a white background. Solid fabrics are in shades of green, orangey red, peach, pink, and lavender.

Stack of eight bolts of fabric laid horizontally. All fabrics include prints: florals, and mini rainbows in shades of green, orangey red, and pink. 

12 Fabrics: Jewel Cat


Stack of 12 bolts of fabric laid horizontally in shades of purple and teal with metallic accents.

Do you spy the adorable little cats?

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Haze - Lilac Pink
  2. Always Look for Rainbows - Hint of Mint
  3. Kona - Cosmos
  4. XOXO - Lilac
  5. Confetti Cottons - Cape Verde
  6. Kona - Sea Mist
  7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Breathtaking
  8. Stars - Cream Metallic
  9. Irregularity - Jade
  10. Kona - Orchid
  11. Stitch and Repeat - Mint
  12. Square Up - Jelly

8 Fabrics: Midnight Garden

Stack of 8 bolts of fabric laid horizontally in shades of deep teal, cream, gold metallic, and blue.

Stack of 8 bolts of fabric stood vertically on a white background in shades of deep teal, cream, gold metallic, and blue.

The Rifle Paper Company Vintage Blossom collection is such a stunner I had to include some of the prints in a bundle! Doesn't this just feel like you're wandering through a magical garden under the twinkling stars?

Fabrics included (left to right):

  1. Freckles - Midnight Metallic
  2. Verte - Hunter
  3. AGF Pue Solids - Crystalline
  4. Tapestry Lace - Gold
  5. Kona - Cornflower
  6. Vintage Blossom - Mint Metallic
  7. Confetti Cottons - Cape Verde
  8. Peacock - Cream Metallic

4 Fabrics: Golden Navy

4 bolts of fabric stacked vertically. Prints include little navy flowers, navy with gold dots, and golden flowers on a cream background. Solid bolt of leather colored fabric.

The perfect combination of warmth, sophistication, and sparkle!

Fabrics included (top to bottom):

  1. Tapestry Lace - Gold
  2. AGF Pure Solids - Golden Bronze
  3. Promenade - Encore
  4. Menagerie - Champagne Navy Metallic

I had so much fun putting these fabric combinations together for you! I sincerely hope this first edition of The Fabric Files has provided you the inspiration you need for your next project! 

Happy Sewing!



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